About Sensei

IMG_0832This site, SenseiDavid.com,  was setup to answer any of the many questions received from followers as well as a resource to give you a little bit more background about who is  Sensei David really is.

So Why Sensei?  Well Sensei means = Teacher .

With 26 years in the Martial Arts and counting Sensei David currently holds blackbelts in 2 styles. 1) Tae Kown Do, 2) Japanese Karate-Do(Shito-ryu).  Since students and parents say Sensei  everyday. Eventually it started to get picked up by friends and just people that knew me.

I started Tae Kwon Do at the age of 10 in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  Begun teaching at the age of 14 as an Assistant instructor and earning my First BlackBelt at the age of 17.  I went on to Earn another Blackbelt in Japanese karate(Shitoryu).  As well as Trained in various arts such as Boxing, kickboxing,Capoiera, XMA

Today  I’m an active Martial Arts Instructor & USANKF Competitor. I spent 6 years on the Olympic circuit training for the USA Olympic team. The Core Values I learned along the way and continue to learn I apply to everyday life.  Aside from Martial Arts, back in 1989 My father started a Home based Travel Agency which with many years of trial and error, today we are a National Wholesaler for travel with 4 Walk-in retail locations as well as 3 Online properties. This side of me brings many years of entrepreneur experience as well as Online Marketing which i have shared with other companies. Actively working with Social media and online marketing to grow our Travel Brands led me into more online ventures as well as having some fun with sites like vine and youtube expanding my reach to others through comical skits which relate to everyday life.



Sensei David Abraham is an active entrepreneur rooted in the Travel Industry which is one of the toughest both on and offline. Margins are then and competition is heavy. Today Sense David is always working others to help them  improve their existing business or consult on new startup ideas.

The Travel Industry 

Sensei David Entry into the Travel Niche Came at an early age of only 10 years old. His father started a Home based Agency, which grew into a full operation. Now 27 years later Operates Several Walk-in locations  in Maryland & Virginia. The small home based business Grew into a Multi million dollar operation which today continues to grow as a National Wholesaler in Travel, working with Suppliers, OTAs, and Day to Day Retail Customers. Online Properties: AllCheapFares.com  | TicketBarato.com | MyAgentDeals.com

Online Entrepreneur

With Over 10 years in online marketing,  Sensei David Abraham true roots come from his original brand called O2smedia.com which was an idea at the age of 16. O2S means On 2 Success  and was focused on earning a passive Income online through various methods such as Domains, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Arbitrage, Amazon FBA and user Generated Content Sites.