Integrating Martial-arts Participation to Achieve Community Ttogetherness


I.M.P.A.C.T. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire positive growth in youth and encourage them to become active members of their community with the use of  Martial Arts Activities as a  vehicle to install life long values  and discipline into the youth of tomorrow.


Yearly Accomplishments

Christmas Toy Drive With Tiempo De Dar organization

tiempo de  dARIn 1993, Community Leader Joseph A. Malouf saw numerous families in the local Latino community miss the
magic of the Holiday Season. With that in mind, an idea was born with much work to be done for the Holiday Season in 1994. Without any contributions or donations, Joseph A. Malouf organized the first event which celebrated the Holidays with 40 children and their families. A modest but meaningful celebration attracted many volunteers and donations which have helped this event grow by leaps and bounds. In 2011, we were able to help over 3,000 children and their families for a total of 5,000 guests!!

Since 1994, we have received the generous support of many business and people


Competition Fundraising 

usankf_logoSince 2010 I.M.P. A.C.T.t Along with Pugarita Karate Do has worked together in fundraising to cover all expense to Kids that have proven Strong Values and Educational Achievements interested in going to competition at the Yearly USANKF Team Trials for the Olympic team as well as Other International Competition like the Junior Olympics and Pan-Americans